Behind the Writer

Oh, Me?
Would you like to be introduced to the boring parts first? Or my wonderland?

Law student.
Aquarius in 1991.
Constantly and miserably bored.
A Poet whose name stands for immortality and eternity.

Revealing who I am immediately isn’t part of my charm, but if you must understand the character then I’ll try to sum her up:
A versatile artist.
A middle ground between ENTP & ENTJ.
Analytical Observer.
Brains AND good looks.
Obsessive thinker.
Superhero complex.
Emotionally Chaotic.
A wise monk and a shameless sinner.

Well what more would you be interested in?
My writing  purely serves creativity, some derived from personal experience and some simply from experiences i wish to be a part of.
Which is which rests on your view of things, and they say what you focus on reveals who you are.
So… Who are you?

There is nothing messier and more glorious than the mind of the insane.