1119 – 0507

What can i do to change? Where do i go? Which road should i take? What’s my purpose, influence, reason?

Is it to avoid the same mistakes, or to make so many of them my life can fill up 5 albums of stories? Is it to discover or is it to learn? Perfecting skills or gaining new habits?

Where do i want to go?

Do i want to go there alone?

Do I want my companion?

Does my companion want to accompany me? And if he doesn’t will this hurt or move me? Will it empower or destroy me?

Will i still do it?

What am I changing?

Old habits.

Old beliefs.

The rigidity of accumulated thought- high sets of rules that simply don’t apply in every life time or even every year.

Do the rules of old games still apply? Do our biologies really determine what we like? Do our genders really decide how we should handle each other because ‘Men love Bitches’ and ‘Women love Gentlemen’ so lets play those games until both side are shells of what the other wants and neither are actually their own person.

let’s blend the colors like oil paintings and squint our eyes to ‘find’ the picturesque ideals. let’s tilt our heads to ‘see’ the art cause it ‘demands to be felt’


do i


to change?

and who am i changing it for?


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